The Venetian Bacari

Venice for gourmands

A stay in Venice is a real experience for gourmands. We say, don’t expect by Venice any shocking innovation, here the Venetian shock is the incredible preserving of an ancient tradition.

You will have more than a pique to your foddie palate, with bite-size cicchetti served in Venice’s traditional and famous bacari: low-key Italian tapas bars thronged by locals.

Here’s where we will accompainish you during your stay sharing with you the emotion to taste a glass of Italian wine and a bite of Venice.

The Venetian Cooking School

If you are in Venice, why not drop in for a cookery class? In our school in the neighborhood of old town we offer tailor-made cooking classes.

You can learn how to prepare the real homemade traditional Venetian and most famous Italian recipes. You will, finally, discover that “Spaghetti Bolognese” are an American invention such as “Spaghetti with meatballs”.

You will learn exactly what really are and how to prepare at home Tagliatelle, Ravioli, and Gnocchi di Patate, with the most tasting and simplest sauces that you can ever and easily reproduce at your home and enjoy together with your friends.

The Cooking Teachers

We all chefs, cooks or food lovers learned our Italian home cooking secrets by our Grandparents.

To be professionists, or better professionals, it is very important the right execution of recipes, but the sentiment is the real secret ingredient and the base of a good home cook.

How to prepare at home extraordinary and tasty food with really simple and common ingredients was the ability of our ancients, which heritage we are now trying to teach you and we are proud to share with you.


The Italian Cooking School

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